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Bentley Mulsanne - White

Bentley Mulsanne - White

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Perfect electric car with a futuristic look. Once the switch is turned on, the model imitates the start sound, the front and rear LED lights up and the dashboard panel backlight as well, sound effects like horn, engine start, driving sound, songs, melodies are always available for fun on the MP3 player. All sound effects are controlled by MP3 player which includes USB/SD/AUX connection as well.

Mulsanne has a next-generation 2.4 GHz remote control, rear-wheel drive, and other equipment:

Electric parking brake. Imitation of a tachometer.

Suspension on the rear axle 2x 35W engine Opening doors USB/SD/AUX input Artificial leather seat 2.4 GHz remote control Opening doors Rear-wheel suspension LED lights Soft start

Dimensions: 120 x 71 x 48 cm

Soft EVA polymer wheels MP3, USB, and AUX Soft EVA wheels with suspension at rear axles ensure comfortable driving even on hard surfaces without shaking the car.


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