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Bubble Sunshade For Cars

Bubble Sunshade For Cars

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Standard Folding Reflective Bubble Auto Sunshades

► SUN PROTECTION - The Zone Tech silver foldable sun shade is an affordable and convenient solution in keeping the sun's rays from penetrating your car and keeping your car's interior cool even in the blistering summer weather.

► SMART DESIGN - The Zone Tech silver foldable sun shade works like a solar shield. Instead of the sun hitting and penetrating your car its metallic surface reflects it right off. As a result the temperature in your car remains nice and cool. If your car is cool then so are your seats and steering wheel.

► PREMIUM QUALITY - The Zone Tech silver foldable sun shade is constructed out of premium quality material to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage. Even intense summer weathers won't affect these shades. They won't fray around the edges or fade in color.

► EASY TO STORE - The Zone Tech silver foldable sun shade can be stored easily and neatly. By simply folding it you can keep it in place. The sun shade can be folded and can fit almost anywhere. It is a practical compact affordable sun shade.

► EASY TO INSTALL - The Zone Tech silver foldable sun shade is easy to install. Just stick on the windshield. The suction cups on the top portion have a sideward slit in them about 50% of the way into the top portion, then at the end of the slit there is a square notch at the end or at the dead center. This allows you to put the wire edge of the shade into the suction cup too.

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