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Dior Poison Girl 50ml EDP Women

Dior Poison Girl 50ml EDP Women

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Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum is an amber vanilla fragrance specially developed for the modern-day girl. Launched in 2016 as part of the Poison family, the Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum is indeed a younger reinterpretation of that daring universe. In fact, we are talking about a scent that celebrates a rebellious, sexy and free young woman that is not afraid to go after what she wants. Like so, under the slogan “I am not a girl, I am poison”, this perfume is perfect for feminists that follow their dreams unconditionally. Therefore, to transform this enigmatic and bold narrative into an olfactory experience, Dior introduces us to a bittersweet floral blend that addictively lures us in, each time. The mouth-watering notes of orange mix with the captivating presence of Venezuelan tonka-bean, a warm and also textured component. Lastly, the scent ends with the explosive sensuality of grasse rose, a flower that is simultaneously powerful and delicate. The result? An unmistakable fragrance that will, for sure, become your new go-to. If you enjoy a powerful scent trail, add the Dior Poison Girl to your fragrance ritual as your everyday perfume. Alternatively, keep it on your shelf for special occasions or for when you want an extra touch of sensuality and scandalous deliciousness.

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