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Drink Dispenser 8 Litre Silver

Drink Dispenser 8 Litre Silver

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Cold Storage And Warmth Preservation] There is an insulation pipe in the middle of the juicer, which can be cooled by ice cubes or kept warm by hot water.

[Leak Proof Water Storage Tray] The dispenser is equipped with a drip tray that can collect any spillage. The tray is easy to disassemble and clean, and the desktop is always clean

[High Capacity] The beverage dispenser has a large capacity of 2 gallons, which can minimize the amount of beverages added during use.

[Beautiful Design] The dome cover of the beverage dispenser is very visually appealing, with a transparent appearance that brightens the color of the beverage. The elegant appearance and modern design add beauty to any table.

[Widely Used] The beverage dispenser is an ideal choice for homes, restaurants, bars, and other places, and can be used to drink tea, lemonade, juice, or alcohol in almost any situation.

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