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Kojic Acid Collagen Whitening Cream

Kojic Acid Collagen Whitening Cream

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Suitable Crowd:Adults

Net Weight: 80g

Package: 1 Piece

Packing: With colorful box

Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Collagen,Kojic ACID Efficacy:Natural Whitening, Brighten,Deep Nourishing,Lasting Moisturizing


1.TERNAL ADJUSTMENT RELIEF Fades stains, Great for acne prone,dark sopt,combination, or dehydrated skin care

2.INTENANCEIMPROVEMENT Reduce the formation of stains

3.DOUBLE Whitening and dark skin, reducing existing spots

Usage Instruction: Apply and tap on the target area, make sure you leave about 1mm wrinkle cream to absorb naturally

Product type: Face Creams & Lotions

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