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Milk Tea Dispenser Stainless 10L

Milk Tea Dispenser Stainless 10L

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Helps you to be healthy and fashionable.
Comes with a Dual-layer stainless steel workmanship that blocks the heat-transfer medium and keeps the temperature, therefore reaching the aim of heat/cool preservation.
Excellent for home or outdoor, camping, hiking, sports – just about anything.

Product description:

– Stainless steel and plastic –
– Equipped with legs that can be shortened
– Easy to use water faucet lever
– Able to maintain the temperature of drinks for longer
– Heat and cold resistance – Strong, thick and durable body
– Easy to use and clean
– Suitable for large family events or selling drinks
– Capacity 10 LITERS
– High Insulation: 150 Degree C

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