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Natures Essence Glycolic Facial Kit

Natures Essence Glycolic Facial Kit

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Nature's Essence Glycolic Facial Kit from the professional range is for every woman who wants to look beautiful and feel beautiful. This kit contains 5 products that help cleanse, hydrate and nourish skin from deep within to reveal your natural beauty. It also helps remove skin impurities, corrects skin tone and increases the natural glow of the skin.

The kit contains:

  • Nature's Essence Resage Gel Cleanser: It cleanses and peels the dead epidermal layers.
  • Nature's Essence Advanced Glycolic Peel: Fades the dark area and helps to make the skin surface smooth.
  • Nature's Essence A.H.A Serum: Fades the dark marks and spots on the skin.
  • Nature's Essence Anti-Marks Cream: It improves the skin tone and gives clean and clear look to the epidermal
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