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NZ Certified Hose & Regulator

NZ Certified Hose & Regulator

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Brand New LPG QCC Gas Regulator & 1.5m Hose Assembly with an Outlet of 1/4" Brass Swivel Nut
New Zealand Certified
This QCC regulator is approved for indoor and outdoor use.
Product Features
* Quick Closing Coupling (QCC)
* Easy to fit the common 9 kg cylinders by hand tightening nut clockwise. (9kg gas bottles are the most common size)  
* 90 degrees angled regulator
* Output Pressure 2.8kPa
* Flow Rate 2.0 kg/hr
* 1.5M hose (max approved length for indoor use)
* Temperature Activated Shut-off and Excess Flow Control safety features
* Outlet - 1/4" brass swivel nut (convex inner fitting)
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